Cities Near Kentucky Lake, Kentucky, US
City / Town Name Population County State
Almo 3,562 Calloway County KY
Benton 93,980 Marshall County KY
Benton Calloway County KY
Big Rock 1,670 Stewart County TN
Big Sandy 3,258 Benton County TN
Bruceton Benton County TN
Buchanan 2,230 Henry County TN
Buena Vista Benton County TN
Bumpus Mills 497 Stewart County TN
Burna 747 Livingston County KY
Cadiz 166,222 Trigg County KY
Calvert City 6,030 Marshall County KY
Camden 10,842 Benton County TN
Cerulean 1,125 Trigg County KY
Como Henry County TN
Cottage Grove 975 Henry County TN
Cumberland City 1,786 Stewart County TN
Cumberland City Houston County TN
Cumberland Furnace Houston County TN
Dexter 1,293 Calloway County KY
Dexter Marshall County KY
Dover 6,635 Stewart County TN
Eddyville 21,104 Lyon County KY
Eddyville Trigg County KY
Erin 4,744 Houston County TN
Erin Humphreys County TN
Eva 574 Benton County TN
Farmington Calloway County KY
Fredonia Lyon County KY
Gilbertsville 3,139 Marshall County KY
Gleason Henry County TN
Gracey Trigg County KY
Grand Rivers 6,393 Livingston County KY
Hampton 516 Livingston County KY
Hardin 3,978 Marshall County KY
Hardin Calloway County KY
Hazel 1,754 Calloway County KY
Henry 2,037 Henry County TN
Herndon Trigg County KY
Holladay 2,213 Benton County TN
Hurricane Mills 714 Humphreys County TN
Indian Mound 2,436 Stewart County TN
Kirksey 1,026 Calloway County KY
Kirksey Marshall County KY
Kuttawa 5,060 Lyon County KY
Ledbetter 2,321 Livingston County KY
Lobelville Humphreys County TN
Mansfield 697 Henry County TN
Marion Livingston County KY
Marion Lyon County KY
Mayfield Marshall County KY
Mc Ewen 5,891 Humphreys County TN
Mc Ewen Houston County TN
Mc Kenzie Henry County TN
Murray 215,376 Calloway County KY
New Concord 2,072 Calloway County KY
New Johnsonville 6,036 Humphreys County TN
Paris 18,894 Henry County TN
Princeton Lyon County KY
Princeton Trigg County KY
Puryear 2,797 Henry County TN
Salem 3,722 Livingston County KY
Smithland 4,640 Livingston County KY
Springville 3,135 Henry County TN
Stewart 1,040 Houston County TN
Stewart Stewart County TN
Sugar Tree Benton County TN
Symsonia Marshall County KY
Tennessee Ridge 1,927 Houston County TN
Tennessee Ridge Stewart County TN
Tiline 382 Livingston County KY
Vanleer Houston County TN
Waverly 8,441 Humphreys County TN
Waverly Houston County TN
Westport Benton County TN

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